Cartoon Movie, 3-5/3/2020

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03 March 2020 - 05 March 2020
Bordeaux, France
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2020 Coverage

2020 Cartoon Movie Submissions (Archive)

- A project of animated feature film in 3 categories: in concept, in development or in production
- of a minimum running time of 60 min
- min. 50% of animation
- European

- For the duration of the pitching sessions, have a look at "How Cartoon Movie works

Please note that:
- Only independent production companies can submit a project.
- Production teams of selected projects must afford registration fees to Cartoon Movie.

A guide to CARTOON Movie


2019 CARTOON MOVIE Coverage

About Cartoon Movie

Created in 1999, Cartoon Movie is an intense and efficient pitching event intended to create a synergy between producers, investors and distributors of feature-length animation films.

Producers have the opportunity to pitch their project to all potential financial partners gathered in the same room, in order to find co-producers, speed up financing and negotiate deals with distributors, sales agents and game companies.




Event Dates

  • From 03 March 2020 to 05 March 2020

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