CEE Animation Workshop, Feb - Nov 2021

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01 February 2021 - 30 September 2021
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CEE Animation Workshop is a year-long project development and producer skills advancement training program designed for film professionals from low production capacity countries working in the field of animation. The Workshop is tailor-made to suit the needs of producers and their creative teams with animated projects of any format (shorts, TV, feature length, hybrid, XR) in development.

The Workshop is also open to a limited number of producers without projects seeking to build a long term strategy for their company. 

Due to the development of the coronavirus pandemic, the CEE Animation Workshop was among the first to shift entirely online already in March 2020. Based on the gained experience and the tested creative approach to e-learning, the 2021 edition of the Workshop will be held online, consisting of 4 modules with the possibility of one module being organized as residential (depending on the coronavirus pandemic situation).

2020-21 Program description

For the third year in a row, the CEE Animation Workshop is the only Creative Europe MEDIA supported training activity especially tailored to the needs of animation producers and their creative teams from low production capacity countries who have projects in development. With its holistic approach, the CEE Animation Workshop accompanies a project over a period of one year from its early stages to a fully developed project ready to access the international market for financing.

Throughout the program which is a combination of group work, individual sessions and lectures, participants acquire diverse advanced skills needed to be competitive on the market, which they can not only apply to their current project, but also use to grow their career, company and other future projects.

In addition, the Workshop is devised as a networking event where participants get to meet other fellow producers, experts and industry decision makers who contribute to their network of future partners.

During the Workshop, participants with a project focus on script, visuals and production package development. They have the opportunity to advance their scripts, train in the art of pitching and get access to inspirational lectures by acclaimed professionals and detailed case studies of successful projects. Producers gain resourceful knowledge on financial and creative aspects of animation production, deepen their knowledge in areas such as co-productions, animation production management, financing and budgeting, legal aspects, marketing, festival strategies and even negotiation and conflict resolution. From this year onward, the CEE Animation Workshop comprises developing and advancing skills in the area of XR projects that use animation as the primary technique.

The Workshop finishes with the final presentation of a full production package and pre-recorded pitch to a carefully selected group of industry players, such as representatives of funding bodies, broadcasters, producers, sales agents and distributors in the format of one-on-one meetings.

In addition to following the complete Workshop program, career-oriented participants (producers without a project) also receive personalized mentoring on their career and company strategy development.

After the completion of the Workshop, participants can take advantage of the CEE Animation network and gain privileged access to various industry and market events in the EU.

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2019-20 Event Coverage


The programme consists of three workshops each lasting 6 days and taking place at a different location.

  • 29 November – 5 December in Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • March 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia
  • May 2020 in Trebon, Czech Republic (merging with the CEE Animation Forum)

2018-19 Workshop Coverage:

2018 Schedule:
The programme is structured as 3 x 6-days workshops . The first module will focus on content development, the second one on production and financing, and the third one on accessing the market. The third module will be organised alongside the CEE (previously known as Visegrad) Animation Forum, an established pitching and market access platform, inviting decision-makers from the field of animation.

Workshop 1: 30. 11. – 6. 12. 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Workshop 2: 20. – 26. 3. 2019
Workshop 3: 3. – 9. 5. 2019, Třeboň, Czech Republic

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Event Dates

  • From 01 February 2021 to 30 September 2021