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Selection results of the 8th Anibar International Animation Festival.

213 films were selected to compete in the 8th edition of Peja festival (Kosovo). International, Student, Balkan, and Animated Music Videos competitions, whereas out of competition programs are Panoramas, Kids, and Teen programs. France, UK, Poland,

France, UK, Poland, Belgium, and USA have the highest numbers of films selected.


International Competition, 25 films in 4 programs

International Competition 1 - 20:30, Lake Cinema, August 15
Lupus, France, 13'
The Full Story, UK, 7'
Strange Case, Poland, 14'
High Summer, France, 5'
Pencilless Case, Poland, 7'
Superbia, Hungary, 15'

International Competition 2 - 22:00 Cubes Cinema, 16 August
Schirkoa, India, 13'
Gusla or the Spirits, France, 9'
The Wild Boar, Hungary, 13'
The Poet of Horrible Things, Brasil, 5'
Nighthawk, Slovenia, 9'
Nothing Happens, Denmark, 12'

International Competition 3 - 22:00, Cubes Cinema, 17 August
Manivald, Estonia, 13'
Dead Horses, Spain, 6'
The Wrong End of the Stick, UK, 10'
Winston, USA, 6'
Impossible Figures and Other Stories ll, Poland, 15'
Balcony, Hungary, 6'

International Competition 4 - 20:30, Lake Cinema, 18 August
My Mum's Bonkers, South Africa, 3'
Airport, Croatia-Switzerland, 11'
At the Horizon, France, 9'
Below 0, Costa Rica, 5'
Pussy, Poland, 8'
The Ogre, France, 10'
Railment, Japan, 10'

Student Competition, 36 films in 4 programs

Student Competition 1 - 20:30, Lake Cinema, 16 August
Strawberry Days, Slovakia, 13'
Flying Putzi, Israel, 7'
Feed, Japan, 7'
Juliette, Belgium, 7
Play Boys, Belgium, 7'
Chromosome Sweetheart, Japan, 5'

Student Competition 2 - 20:30, Lake Cinema, 17 August
Tough, UK, 5'
Projection on Sofa, Belgium, 5'
It's a Date, USA, 7'
Home, UK, 6'
Téte a Téte, UK, 8'
Child, Germany, 9'
Rascals, Belgium, 2'
In Other Words, Israel, 6'
69SEC, Belgium, 2'
Cleaning Day, Germany, 1'

Student Competition 3 - 22:00, Cubes Cinema, 18 August
My Father's Room, Korea, 8'
The Astronaut's Journal, Germany, 5'
Sog, Germany, 10'
Windows, Russia, 8'
Don't Think of a Pink Elephant, UK, 7'
Gokurosama, France, 7'
The Indigestion, Belgium, 6'
Nowhere Man, US, 4'
The Race, UK, 3'

Student Competition 4 - 20:00, Cubes Cinema, 19 August
Senior's Club, Poland, 6'
Nachthexen, Danmark, 8'
Rubik, Germany, 4'
The Clitoris, Canada, 3'
Homegrown, UK, 9'
Oh, Mother!, Poland, 12'
City Lights, UK, 3'
A Piece of Cake, Taiwan, 4'
Day, The Chef, China, 3'
1972, Belgium, 5
Serpentine, US, 3'

Balkan Competition 1 - 22:00, Cubes Cinema, 15 August
Only Lovers Leave to Die, Croatia, 7'
Hedgehog's Home, Croatia, 10'
Wicked Girl, Turkey, 8'
Enthophobia, Albania-Greece, 14'
Float, Croatia, 6'
The Stranger in My Head, Croatia, 4'
The Retarded Child, Bulgaria, 1'
Stretch, Turkey, 2'
20 Kicks, Bulgaria, 6'
Gamer Girl, Croatia, 9'

Animated Music Videos - 16:00, Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema, 19 August
Watsky - Conversations, Mexico, 3'
Dan San - The Call, Belgium, 3'
LCAW feat. Dagny - Man in the moon, Poland, 3'
Toe, Petal, Cosmos, China, 3'
Ampersand, US, 3'
Loopstache - All I need is you, Spain, 4'
Traktorkestar -Lost Boy and Suicide Girl, Albania-Switzerland, 3'
PTP - Black Joe Lewis & The Honey Bears, Spain, 2'
Djamchid Sisters -For You, Israel, 4'
Dan Sultan - Magnetic, Australia, 3'
GastaLoops (IISO - Out), UK, 4'
Zapaska - Zapytaisia, Ukraine, 4'
Smiley - Plastic Flowers, Romania, 3'
Batlik - Elsewhere, France, 3'
Oborri - Alfabeti ecën vetë, Kosova, 4'
Frances - Grow, UK, 4'
Nicolas Guillabert -No Place Like Home, France,5'

Panorama Out of Competition 1 - 16:00, Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema, 18 August
Sophie's Story, UK, 6'
Last Summer in the Garden, Canada, 14'
Volcano Island, Hungary, 9'
Shells and Cigarettes, France, 7'
Empty Space, Estonia, 10'
Illusions, UK, 5'
Catherine, Belgium, 12'

Panorama Out of Competition 2 - 20:30, Lake Cinema, 19 August
The Ultimate Guide to Inspire, Spain, 3'
Slinky, Netherlands, 5'
Nueva Vida, US, 7'
Spaghetti Junction, UK, 11'
Mak, US, 4'
Close the Shutters, Israel, 5'
Steven Goes to the Park, Belgium, 6'
Love, Our Prison, Mexico, 6'
Hereafter, Hungary, 5'
It Is My Fault, China, 5'
Red, Taiwan, 4'
Chaos, A Fish Tale, UK, 3'
The Last Job on Earth, UK, 3'

KIDS: 60 films in 6 programs

Kids 1, 12:00, Istref Begolli Theater, 15 August

Stars, US, 5'
Scraps, New Zealand, 3'
The Pocket Man, France, 7'
Dark, Dark Woods, Denmark, 6'
Manolo, France, 11'
Bango Vassil, Bulgaria, 8'
Charlie's Buck Teeth, France, 6'
The Lost Letter, Ireland, 8'

Kids 2, 12:00, Istref Begolli Theater, 16 August
Petals, Venzuela, 6'
Eat, Pray, Bird, Singapore, 6'
The Garden, Turkey, 5'
Popsicle, Taiwan, 5'
The Unicorn, France, 13'
Sabaku, Netherlands, 2'
Dust Buddies, US, 4'
The Moon is Essentially Gray, US, 4'
Lipe, Grandpa and the Monster, Brasil, 9'

Kids 3, 12:00, Istref Begolli Theater, 17 August
Mr. Selfish, Turkey, 2'
Momo, Argentina, 6'
Ami, Germany, 8'
Tornado, Australia, 4'
On Schedule, US, 6'
The Seed in the Sky, US, 5'
The Sled, Russia, 4'
Jubilee, France, 7'
Little Lights, Philippines, 10'
Piccolo Concerto, Germany, 6'
Royal Fool, Georgia, 1'

Kids 4, 12:00, Istref Begolli Theater, 18 August
Groomed, US, 3'
Rumble in the Jungle, Germany, 1'
Kiviak, Russia, 6'
Leave a Print, UK, 5'
Little Big Bang, New Zealand, 2'
Sheep Deprived, US, 5'
Shakrak, The Hero, Turkey, 3'
Best Bud Blues, South Africa, 2'
Knight to Meet You, France, 4'
The Hunchback and the Swan, UK, 3'
The Encyclopedist, France, 10'
The Bookworm, US, 2'
Trashonauts, US, 2'

Kids 5, 12:00, Istref Begolli Theater, 19 August
The Hunter of Giant Trees, Brazil, 11'
The Secret Handshake, US, 3'
Elephants Playmate, Iran, 6'
Neighbourwood, Germany, 4'
Jiffy, Spain, 2'
Cube, US, 2'
Kamigami, US, 4'
The Last Wrangler, UK, 3'
The Last Shot, Ireland, 3'
Muskaan, US, 3'

Kids 6, 12:00, Istref Begolli Theater, 20 August
Sneeze Jumper, Taiwan, 4'
The Switchman, Iran, 10'
The Kid and the Hedgehog, Spain, 3'
You Look Scary, US, 4'
Momo, Philippines, 4'
The Empty Page, Iran, 13'
Oh, Hiss!, Belgium, 8'
The Gift, Japan, 5'

TEENS: 45 films in 5 programs

Teen 1, 14:00, Istref Begolli Theater, 15 August
Johanne, UK, 4'
3Min 33 Before the End, France, 4'
Running Lights, Lithuania, 11'
The Wishgranter, US, 5'
Spindrift, UK, 12'
Hugo Bumfeldt, Hungary, 12'
Broken Tale, Ireland, 9'
Tale of a Seed, China, 9'

Teen 2, 14:00, Istref Begolli Theater, 16 August
Roach, Israel, 14'
Pink Cuts Pink , Germany, 2'
The Sky Between Us, Australia, 4'
Blood Bank Burglar, Taiwan, 3'
Bearable, UK, 4'
Black Holes, Italy, 5'
Birdlime, Canada, 11'
Dragon in Distress, US, 6'
The Tomato, Georgia, 10'
Eggs Change, US, 2'
Keiro, France, 5'

Teen 3, 14:00, Istref Begolli Theater, 17 August
She's Got the Blush, Belgium, 5'
MÓR, US, 9'
The Skeleton Band, US, 4'
Super Love Story, US, 5'
Sonu Aamchi, India, 5'
Urashima Tato, France, 14'
Unsinkable, Singapore, 3'
Lendin, Italy, 2'
Lights Out, US, 7'

Teen 4, 14:00, Istref Begolli Theater, 18 August
24 Days of Torture, UK, 2'
Fishwitch, UK, 10'
Boozers Space Invasion, Russia, 4'
Muning, Philippines, 2'
Unlovable, US, 11'
Don Ruperto, Germany, 11'
The Wind in the Reeds, France, 27'
One Small Step, Australia, 2'

Teen 5, 14:00, Istref Begolli Theater, 19 August
Rumor, 5'
This Travel That Transforms Us, France, 2'
The Wolves of Mangotown, Netherlands, 9'
Our Wonderful Nature, Germany, 4'
Chika, The Dog in the Ghetto, Germany, 16'
BugCatcher, UK, 2'
Summer Camp Island, US, 9'
Twice Upon a Time, Serbia, 14'
New Toy, Brazil, 6'

The films will be screened in 5 festival cinemas, 2 of them indoors (Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema, and Istref Begolli Theatre), and 3 of them open air and improvized only for Anibar festival (Lake Cinema, Urban Cinema, and Cubes Cinema).

In addition to competitive programs, Anibar festival screens special programs as well, and this edition will screen for the first time 10 different special programs (to be announced). 

 In its 8th edition, Anibar festival reclaims the City and initiates a discussion on social urban consciousness.


Anibar International Animation Festival will be held in Peja from 14th to 20th of August 2017 at  4 festival cinemas, 2indoors (Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema, and Istref Begolli Theatre), and 2 of them open air and improvized only for Anibar festival (Lake Cinema and Cubes Cinema).



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