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Kids Kino Industry, Sep 2021

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
28 September 2021 - 09 October 2021
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Submission deadline
Submission/Registration Fee

Event Description

Kids Kino Industry (previously known as: Warsaw Kids Film Forum), an international pitching forum for films and series aimed at a young audience, during Kids Kino International Film Festival.

Kids Kino Industry brings together representatives of the film industry from countries producing a lot of high-quality movies and series with filmmakers from countries where production is just gaining it’s momentum.

2021 Dates TBC, Call for Entries to Follow

2020 Event Coverage

Event Highlights:

Individual consultations with experts specialising in areas such as film marketing or script doctoring. This year, accreditation holders will be able to consult with such names as Andrew Kavanagh, Jesper Møller and Maurice Wheeler, who have advised Warner Bros., Disney, Sony, BBC, Google, Netflix and Nickelodeon, among others.

Apart from the individual meetings, consultations and pitching sessions, the panel entitled 'Going International - Markets, Festivals, Conferences and Labs for Kids Content'; is also worthy of attention. Without leaving home, the meeting participants will be able to get to know one another, learn more about leading international events and put questions to their representatives. The guests on the panel will include Marlene Wegener from Animation Production Days, Greg Childs from the Children's Media Conference (CMC), Lennart Ström from M:brane, Nienke Poelsma from the Cinekid International Film Festival, Matija Šturm from CEE Animation, Silvina Cornillón from Ventana Sur and Anne Schultka from Kids Regio.

For those taking their first steps

All the events mentioned are intended both for experienced representatives of the film industry and also those who are taking their first steps in the business. During the 'Going International' panel, for example, budding young filmmakers can find out what kind of projects specific events are looking for, where they can develop their ideas, where to look for support, and what workshops are worth participating in.

The programme also features masterclasses and workshops. Young filmmakers are sure to be interested in the meeting with the young Belgian director Frederike Migom, maker of the award- winning film Binti, who will give a lecture entitled 'My First Movie - How to Develop a Story for a Children's Audience'. For writers, directors and producers, the organisers have also prepared the workshop 'How To Get Back On Track With Your Story' with Paul Tyler.

For all producers and creators looking for partners for their projects or who are submitting their packages, the 'Building The Bible' lecture is a must-see event. During the meeting, participants will learn how to prepare the so-called Bible or Pitch Bible, how to 'advertise'; their project and what the representatives of selected platforms are looking for. Participants will also learn how to create a standard 2-page 'flyer' and 10-page pressbook.

During the combined lecture and Q&A entitled 'Knowing your Film from the Inside Out - Become the Ultimate Ambassador!, which will take the examples of two productions, scriptwriters and producers will be able to see how knowledge of audience behaviour towards different genres influences the choice of distribution strategy, and they will also learn more about how to become an ambassador for their project. The lecture will be presented by Alison Norrington and Fulko Kuindersma.

Selected Projects

This year, Kids Kino Industry received 66 submissions from 26 different countries.  The selection process was supported by 3 international female experts: Alison Norrington (Creative Director & Founder at storycentral Ltd), Silke Wilfinger (Managing Director of SilkWayFilms), and Viola Gabrielli (Kids Kino Industry Inspiration Day Programmer and Business Relations). Eventually, after a few weeks of reading and discussing the submitted stories and materials, 27 projects were selected to be pitched at the 4th edition of Kids Kino Industry 2020.

Sessions during the forum are divided into two groups: Projects in Development and Works in Progress.

Projects in development:

A Penguin in the Chicken House, live-action & stop motion film, Coala Filmes, Brazil
Flo the Seal, animated series, Animoon, Poland
Geno, animated film, Lira Production Studios, Georgia
Inside Luna, animated film, Filmallee GmbH, Germany
It Shall Be Done, 3D animated series, Karandash Animation Studio, Ukraine (exchange project as part of partnership with UANiMA- Ukrainian Animation Producers Association)
Katzenauge, feature film, Hager Moss Film GmbH, Germany (exchange project as part of partnership with Förderverein deutscher Kinderfilm e.V.)
Kids Encyclopedia, animated series, Tritone Studio, Latvia
Kreuzberg Supergirls, live-action series, X Filme Creative Pool GmbH, Germany
La Vida Es Un Musical, documentary film, GotFat Productions, Denmark (exchange project as part of partnership with M:brane)
Lala – A Fairy’s Heart, animated film, Mythberg Films Kft., Hungary
Los viajes de Kepler, animated series, Lodeiros, Spain
Luzie’s mad world, live-action film, Leitwolf Filmproduktion, Germany
Mu & Sic, animated series, Fumi Studio, Poland
Myshko & Dzvinka, animated series, Studio KAPI, Ukraine
Ninja from Manila, live-action film, vy/ac Productions, Philippines 
Our Town, live-action series, Tile Media & RTE, Ireland
Planet 7693, live-action film, Giggling Goat Production, Montenegro
Roy – One of A Kind, live-action film, Lucy Loves Drama Oy, Finland
Sisters, live-action film, Fenixfilm, Latvia
The Spacehead, live-action film, Objectif s.r.o., Slovakia
Tin’s Fireboots, animated series, Wizart Animation, Russia
Wasserratte, live-action series, StickUp Filmproduktion, Germany (exchange partnership with Förderverein deutscher Kinderfilm e.V.)
Wonder Legends, animated series, Wonder Legends Karubin Malczyk sp. j., Poland

Works in Progress:

A Butterfly’s Heart, live-action film, FRALITA FILMS, Lithuania
Cricket & Antoinette, animated film, Diedra d.o.o., Croatia
The Gladiator, animated film, Opal Production, Romania
Toru Superfox, animated series, Animoon, Poland
An additional day of the online forum will be dedicated to 12 projects developed during Kids Kino.Lab development workshops. 

2019 Event Coverage

2020  Call for Entries (Archive)

Kids Kino Industry 2020

  • Projects aimed at a young audience between 4-15 years old
  • Projects from Poland and Europe in development or at an early production stage
  • Projects that already have a producer and a scriptwriter (director is not compulsory)
  • Features and TV series: animated, documentaries, live-action, transmedia


  • We announce the final selection in mid June 2020. You will be informed wether you got selected or not by then.
  • Selected project is presented at Kids Kino Industry by two team members: producer + scriptwriter
  • As organisers, they cover your accommodation and accreditations for 3 nights
  • On the first day of the event you will have the pitching training
  • The next day you have your pitching. Projects in development have 5 minutes for the pitch + 5 minutes for Q&A with an audience, work in progress projects will have 8 minutes pitch + 5 for Q&A with an audience
  • After the pitching session there will be slot for 1:1 meetings with Decision Makers



Event Dates

  • From 28 September 2021 to 09 October 2021


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