Kids Kino Lab, 2020/2021

Deadline | Event Dates (period)
10 January 2021 - 30 September 2021
Warsaw, Poland
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(NB: Kids Kino Lab to be held between January and September 2021. Exact dates TBC)

Event Description:

Kids Kino.Lab is an international script development programme for film projects and TV series for young audiences. It is dedicated to scriptwriters and producers who are interested in developing their films (live action, animation or documentary) or a TV series.

2020 Call for entries

During the workshops, 12 teams (producer + scriptwriter) will be developing their projects from short synopsis to the second draft of the script together with production
basics (estimated budget, financing and promotion plan). Kids Kino.Lab is open to the projects from all the European countries. The workshops will be conducted in English. The cost of the programme is 1600 EURO per team (Accommodation and food for participants is provided by the organizer).


The workshops last ten months and consist of four stationery workshop sessions (5 days each) and three online consultations with the lead Tutors. Each session of the workshops takes place during a film festival for children or an industry event.

  • I session – Synopsis – January 2021 – Poland.
  • II session – Treatment – March 2021 – JEF Festival, Antwerp, Belgium.
  • III session – First draft of the script – May/June 2021 – Zlin Film Festival, Zlin, Czechia.
  • IV session – Second draft of the script – September 2021 – Kids Kino Industry, Warsaw, Poland.

How does it work?

During the programme participants will be divided into three groups (two groups will develop full-length film projects and one group will develop TV series), with four projects in each group. Each of the groups has its own lead screenwriting tutor who supervises the projects through all the workshops.

Through the entire course the producers will be guided by a production tutors who will help to develop the project from the production perspective. The film groups develop projects from the synopsis stage (initial concept) to the script’s second draft.

The TV series group develops their concepts for a TV series, the outline of the first season, a synopsis of all the episodes, and the script for the pilot episode. The producers take part in all the creative work on the screenplay while also preparing the project’s financial strategy, a marketing plan, a budget and a production package for the project.

Among the Kids Kino Lab Tutors there are Kirsten Bonnen Rask, Armin Prediger, Philip LaZebnik and Ronald Kruschak. 

For the application you have to provide the following information:
1) project title,
2) short logline,
3) synopsis of the film or a series,
4) country of origin for the project,
5) project format (film or a series – animated, documentary, feature),
6) project genre (comedy, family, drama, historical, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, crime story,
musical, others),
7) source of idea for the project (original project, adaptation),
8) target group for the project,
9) information about the Producer,
10) information about the Screenwriter,
11) treatment, characters and universe description and author’s explication,
12) photos of the Producer and the Screenwriter.

FAQ To Check

  • Who are the workshops for?
    The workshops are aimed for teams: producer + scriptwriter who would like to work on their project from short synopsis to the second draft of the script.
  • Is my project eligible for the Kids Kino.Lab?
    Kids Kino.Lab is open to the projects from all the European countries.
    We do accept both full-length films and series projects in all the categories: animations/ documentaries/ live-actions. No short films and TV specials are accepted.
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost of the programme is 1600 EURO per team. Accommodation and food for participants is provided by the organizer. The travel costs are on the participant’s side.
  • What is the working language?
    The working language is English.

Tutors: Kirsten Bonnen Rask - Feature films Script Tutor. Kirsten is an experienced script consultant in all formats – shorts, features, TV series, and documentaries for adults as well as for children.
Armin Prediger - Series Script Tutor. Armin has worked in the film industry for 30 years, 24 of those as a writer, head writer and script editor in live-action and animation.
Philip LaZebnik - Feature films Script Tutor. Philip is a screenwriter, writer of plays and a screenwriting consultant. Originally associated with Disney Studios and Dream Works. His screenwriting credits include Mulan and Pocahontas for Disney, and The Prince of Egypt and The Road to El Dorado for DreamWorks, among many others.

Ronald Kruschak - Producer’s Tutor. Germany-based producer, writer and tutor/lecturer with a track record of twenty years of filmmaking focusing on Family Entertainment.

Kids Kino Lab partners are Creative Europe MEDIA sub-programme, Polish Film Institute, Zlín Film Festival, JEF Festival and Kids Kino Industry.

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NB: Exact dates TBC



Event Dates

  • From 10 January 2021 to 30 September 2021